Aubameyang´s obsession


Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is an avowed fan of Batman!!!. Borussia Dortmund´s player has shown several times his obsession with the guardian of Gotham City, here´s some evidence:

When he arrives at a stadium, we can see him with a part of his outfit that represents Batman

He´s also very concerned about his hairstyles. A few months later after PEA signed for BVB, he showed the world his passion for the club and there were written in his hair the initials of the club name, so ít isn't rare to see him with crazy looks.

And how to be a true fan without Batmobile! Pierre-emerick has it all to be an authorized Batman fan.

At 2014 Aubameyang celebrated a goal against Bayern Munich wearing a Spider.Man mask, but what about Batman? 
February 28, 2015. tough match against all time rival Schalke 04, 77th minute and Pierre-Emerick scored the first goal of the match and run right away behind the goal and grabbed a bag. His partner in crime, Marco Reus was by his side and PEA pulled the costumes out. Batman and Robin masks for both of them. 

After de 3-0 win, Aubameyang explained: "I was out for dinner with Marco two days before the match and we decided to come up with something crazy. I like the film and we were after something with two masks so that we could do something together"

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